Upgrade your skills with high end technology tools and industrial experiential learning

Why learning matters

An entrepreneur has to make countless strategic and operational decisions, with limited information, in a rapidly evolving environment, in a time-constrained manner. Sub-optimal decisions can lead to adverse outcomes. 
 We believe that entrepreneurs don’t need a lot of information, they need targeted knowledge, experiential wisdom, peer-based learning environment, and program deliverable that advance the state of their start-up.

Learning Cells at FMCIII

We have divided the industry specific learning experience into 4 different cells.

Nerve Center of Technology R&D

Leveraging advanced technology to transform ideas into virtual product design, development and validation Enablers

Nerve Center for Advanced Manufacturing​

Enabling students/Innovators to work on assemblies and components to enhance their understanding of the design and mechanism of machines.

Nerve Center for Domain Exploration

Enabling students/innovators to understand the basic principles of engineering and implement the same for developing products,

Incubation Center

Making Innovators to Startupreneur to Entrepreneur

Skill Enhancement

Good opportunity for the students, faculties, industry persons and innovators to upgrade their skills with high end technology tools and industrial experiential learning.

Product Design & Development

Duration 45 Hours

E Vehicle

Duration 30 Hours

Advanced Manufacturing

Duration 45 Hours

Application Building with Desktop Robotic Arm

Duration 30 Hours

Virtual Verification & Analysis

Duration 45 Hours

IOT Application Development

Duration 30 Hours

Advanced Automobile Engine

Duration 45 Hours

Python Programming

Duration 30 Hours

Design Engineering

Duration 45 Hours

3D CAD Modelling and Additive Manufacturing

Duration 30 Hours

Course Module Highlights

  • Training Modules are designed by Tata Technologies LTD as per the Industry needs
  • Training and mentorship by experts from Tata Technologies LTD
  • Focus on skill development through hands on training
  • Training on high end workstations, software and advanced manufacturing equipment such as industrial robot ARC welding, VMC, 3d printer, 3d Scanner, domain exploration products etc
  • Joint certification from Tata Technologies LTD, Science & Technology Park and Marathwada Mitramandal under the banner MMCIII
  • Domain specific placement opportunities